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Aangeboden: AZLK - Sovjet Pedal Car

AZLK - Sovjet Pedal Car

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The Soviet state paid much attention to children’s toys. Apart from the famous nevalyashka (tumbler) red doll and all types of rubber items, there were toy cars produced at a real automotive factory! The included photo was taken in 1970 in the children pedal car workshop of Moscow’s AZLK (maker of the Moskvich). It was one of the largest Soviet pedal cars available, these cars were extremely expensive and hard to buy unless you were one of the favoured ones of the Soviet middle class. Although reports suggest that production for the iconic generation 2 and 3 pedal cars (based on the Moskvich 408/412 models) ran into the 100,000 mark annually between 1974 and slowly grinding to a halt in 1994, nowhere near that many examples remain today due to corrosive rust from the harsh climates they had to endure or kids simply being adventurous and crash testing them.This car is fully functioning with working rear sprung suspension, drive-train and pedals and twin headlights (require small battery connecting), wheels with aluminium hub caps plus the original side strips and is all totally original. Amazingly, the windscreen and all badging and lights to front and rear are present, unfaded and uncracked. The light blue paintwork is absolutely original and untouched. Suitable for children between 2 and 7 years of age.Dimensions LBH cm 114 x 47 x 50 / Weight kgs approx. 18Collection by appointment in Rijswijk (close to the Hague), South-HollandShipping can be arranged upon agreement.

Website:  http://www.catawiki.nl/


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landelijk, Noord-Holland, Nederland

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